Our Story

Our beginning started approximately 14 years ago. I loved computers and was constantly upgrading our PC to the latest tech. Then I started upgrading my friends and family's computers. Then that grew into working on small office computers, and we actually got paid. We  formed One Source Computer Solutions, LLC and have been growing ever since.


Our Approach

We start by listening to our customers. Then we identify what technology can really benefit their business processes. We take a conservative approach and recommend trusted, proven and valuable services and equipment.

Meet the Team

Our team means everything. Professionals you can trust, not "geeks" in a funny little car


James Cooper

Founder & CEO

14+ years experience

Industry Certifications

Loves Technology



Caren Cooper



Sam Cooper

Graphic Artist

I am a Freelance Graphic Designer that specializes in Identity and branding Design, I am the designer of all the branding for this site and others, so go check me out at any of my social sites and also at: innovativenotions.com

Next Steps...

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